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We have not 1 but 2 award schemes with badges available to mark your progress and achievements.
There are no new courses or taster sessions for the moment.

We give you 4 x 3 hour lessons (and not 4 x 2 hours like many other establishments) for just £69.  That's only £5.75 per hour.  We can now offer equipment when you join so you don't have to buy before you can shoot, making Archery more affordable*.  We also have plenty of unusual Targets

This is a 4 week course.  The course will be held on consecutive Sundays unless we have to postpone a session due to bad weather or other activities using the field.
All equipment for the course will be provided.   

We aim to teach a basic level of shooting including safety, equipment and technique, sufficient for anyone to consider taking up the sport and shooting with some degree of confidence.   Our Guarantee is to provide the best Archery course you can buy.  Based on our experiences of Archers who received their training from other sources.  We have been surprised at the lack of some skills and basic knowledge which has always been a part of our courses.  As our main coach works with all ages and in so many situations as well as attending courses and conferences, Michael is always updating his techniques and knowledge.

£69.00 per person (some discounts may be available for multiple bookings)
Taster sessions £10.00 per person.
All money must be paid in full prior to the start of the course and should be sent with the appropriate booking forms in order to confirm a place. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis however spaces are limited and it may be necessary to offer a place on a later course if too many are received at one time. No refunds are available for cancellations made less than 21days prior to the course start date.

All cheques should be made payable to
Redheath Archers alternatively you can pay by direct debit.

Send us a message via our  Contact Us page and we will send you the appropriate forms to fill in.

We can arrange for Birthday and Christmas certificates.

Set in beautiful quiet surroundings with excellent parking.  York House School is a dog free zone please do not bring dogs with you or leave them in the car.

Please Do Not Send Club Correspondence To The School
York House School
Sarratt Road
Croxley Green

Please wear close fitting garments or those that are not too baggy with anything that could get caught by the bow string.  Please do not wear jewelery, ties or anything that could get tangled in the bow string.  Shoes should not have open toes.

Although we request that juniors must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the course as required by child protection guidelines we are starting to make allowances for some juniors around 15 years of age once we are happy that they are responsible enough.


We always try to accompany our members when they first purchase their equipment.

The lessons will start at 2pm until 5pm. Please arrive early to help move some of the equipment and also help us clear up afterwards.

We know how difficult it is choosing your equipment which is why we offer our members the opportunity to be accompanied by experienced archers or coaches when going to the shops.

Additional courses available include:
String Making and maintenance (Traditional and served loop)
Arrow Making, including wooden, starting from square timber, spine testing also available
Longbow making courses see prices below:
Laminating stave
Marking out and trimming
Roughing and tillering
Horn nock fitting
Horn nock shaping
Fitting arrow plate
Handle fitting
£50 plus materials
£40 plus materials
£14 including materials
£25 plus materials
£279 plus materials
£25 - £70

£10 - £15

£3 - £8
£38 - £93
= £317 - £372
The above prices are for a complete bow from start to finish, but simpler bows require less procedures and therefore cheaper.

Bow kits are available from many sources and can be brought along to be made with tuition for £150.00
All stages can be covered or part assistance for those in need of a little help.

* Equipment is free to use for up to 2 months from date of joining the club after which a £10 hire charge per session will be made as there is a high demand for this equipment and we need to cover losses and maintenance.